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New Library Building Project

Letter from the River Grove Public Library District Board of Trustees



For over one year, the River Grove Public Library District (RGPLD) and the Village of River Grove have worked together on an Ad-Hoc committee to plan and propose improved library and recreational services.  A community needs assessment survey was completed and as a result, several options for facility upgrades were explored.  Residents of River Grove overwhelmingly commented on the need for a facility rehabilitation or relocation to a more suitable building for the library.

An opportunity to purchase a suitable building came about in September 2022, and RGPLD began negotiations to acquire the building.  The building is located at 8301 Grand Ave, formerly known as Ada’s Deli. This building offers almost double the usable space as the library’s current location and is located in the downtown area of River Grove.  The RGPLD Board was able to acquire the building at the reasonable price of $450,000.  This purchase was funded by the sale of long-held properties that RGPLD owned on Center Street.  RGPLD has moved into the planning phase and will engage with the architectural firm Engberg Anderson to begin the process of redesigning the building for library purposes. During that time, RGPLD will apply for grant opportunities and use funds that the library currently has access to that have been earmarked to complete such a project.

Mayor David B. Guerin and Village officials have supported RGPLD in this venture and continue to offer assistance in ensuring a smooth transition and supporting the Library in this monumental shift.


Thank you for your support!


River Grove Public Library District Board of Trustees



Updates on this project will be posted here as soon as they become available.

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